Steel materials

From first-grade to over-roll, Kasuga will provide all processing services upon customers' request.

Steel materials

Kanto Factory (Affiliated)

Steel materials

Nara Factory (Affiliated)


・SPHC (Hot Rolled Steel Plate)
・Pickled Steel Plate
・SPCC (cold Rolled Steel Plate)
・Finishing Steel Plate


・Blast Furnace
 ・Nippon Steel Corporation
 ・JFE Steel
 ・Kobe Steel
 ・Sumitomo Metal Industries
 ・Nisshin Steel
・Electric furnace
 (Tokyo Steel,
 Nakayama Steel Works)
・Imported Products
 (POSCO, CSC, and Others)


・Rolled Mold
・Bender, Welding, Zinc-Coated   
 Welding, Painting, and Other

Other Products

・H-Shaped Steel
・Flat Bar
・Round Bar
・Punched Metal
・Expanded Metal
・Alloy Metal

Domestic Factories For Processing

(Yashima groups)

・Sapporo Factory
・Sendai Factory
・Kanto Factory
・Nara Factory
・Kyusyu Factory
・Other Affiliated Factories

●Free-size Alloy Flat Bar

Steel materials
Good news for flat bar and flat wires users!
Kasuga provides you with products with your
specifications; plate thickness, width, and length.

With our unique factory of automated line, Kasuga has established a system to immediately response to small lot and various products orders to meet today's market demand, while we maintain our high-quality production system. Our products have been applied in many industries such as construction, machinery, automobile, and household appliances.

6 Characteristics That Fit to Your Application

@Provide Requested Thickness and Width: You can order
your own sizes within the range of our availability.
AEdge Shape: Round, Sharp, and Special Shapes
BFinishing: Pickling, Bright Surface, and Black Surface
CWide Range of Available Cut Length: 50mm~6,100mm
DSpool Type Available
EPressings: punching, corner-cut, and bending

Steel materials
Benefits to Customers

Not our regular size flat bar but a product with customer chose sizes will reduce both its weight and cost. ※For instance, you can order 2.5x15 instead of
  ordering 3.0x19 and reduce the thickness and width.

Slit coil is cold rolled its thickness and width through mold, so that cutting, punching, corner cutting, and bending processes are all operated on the same line. It's also available as a part.

We can provide both round and sharp edges. Our round edge surface is safe to touch. Please ask for any special shapes.

We are able to produce flat bar with maintaining property of its raw material. We currently produce parts for automobiles with using SAPH-440 for vehicles.

For slit flat bar, we mainly produce pickled steel that is suitable for pressing process due to its surface treatment, different from black surface, which has surface scale. The pickled steel is a good substitute for cold finished flat steel in terms of cost performance.

●Production Flow

Steel materials Steel materials

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